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we understand that every patient is unique, and treatments should reflect the individual nuances, sensitivities, and needs of your skin. At each of your visits, we are committed to understanding you as a person, and you as a patient -to ensure you enjoy a unique experience and have the best results possible.

To facilitate our mission, Aspire carries a dynamic and comprehensive arsenal of sciences and technologies: from advanced, widely adjustable lasers, top quality injectables, to clinically proven non-invasive treatments.

At Aspire, we believe that a consult should be comfortable and exciting, not pressured and rushed. We only recommend treatments that are right for you, and dedicate ourselves to developing a customized treatment plan just for you!

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About Dr. Wang

Dr. Charles Wang grew up in Calgary and practices family medicine with a special interest in skincare. He obtained his MD from the University of Alberta, in Edmonton. Completed his Family practice residency at Memorial University, Newfoundland, where he focused on rural medicine and procedures.

He trained with numerous dermatologists, and GP-dermatologists in Alberta, Ontario, B.C., and Newfoundland, including a full year of training in medical and cosmetic skin care with Dr. Jaggi Rao, the former program director for the Dermatology program at the University of Alberta.

During his training, he had authored numerous articles in E-medicine, Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery, as well as several chapters in books such as ‘Healing the Skin’.  He has also served as a peer reviewer for scientific journals, such as the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy.

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